Capture big data webinars in your computers easily with Movavi Screen Recorder

Digital marketing is the order of the day for any  business looking forward to make it big today. And big data is the lifeblood of online marketing these days. Every aspiring and established entrepreneur should keep oneself updated about the latest trends and perks of big data to come up with most hitting targeting strategies. Now, live  webinars are a great source of enhancing your knowledge on big data. The modern virtual world is bustling with many such webinars for dynamic entrepreneurs like you. However, since these webinars are broadcasted live, you won’t be able to download them. So, how to catch up with these major webinars if you can’t study them live?

Well, in that Movavi Screen Recorder will be handy. The cutting edge recorder program is designed to record streaming video online which will be saved in your system- so that you can watch it anytime when you are free.

The great bit is the Movavi program is powered with an intuitive interface which makes it simple to use with basic computing know-how. We will see below how easily you can use the Movavi software to record the live big data webinars.

Install Movavi Screen Recorder

The first task is to download & install Movavi Screen Recorder in your PC.

Set Capture Parameters

Go to the online portal where the webinar will be  streamed. You will have to set the capture area before recording. Draw capture frame and make necessary adjustments manually, if needed.

You will certainly have to capture the video with the audio. So, click on System Audio which will enable the Movavi software to capture the sound of the webinar along with the visual.

Set capture time & recording duration

Click on alarm clock symbol to adjust recording time settings. The in-built timer will allow you to set the specific time to start recording as well as required recording duration.

Record webcast

Click on REC tab to commence recording of the live big data webinar. After 3 seconds, click on Play and kickstart the recording procedure. After the video has been recorded, click on Stop. However, if you have set the recording duration beforehand, the program will stop recording immediately after the specific duration is reached.

Save recorded webinar

Click on Save to save the webinar.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Records all kinds of online live videos
  • Records automatically with in-built timer
  • Records desktop screencasts and in-game footage as well
  • Able to perform basic video & audio editing functions
  • Video conversion facilities available as well

Useful tip for user:

  • If you have to record the webinar in maximum resolution, open up the roster of size presets & select the monitor name in Full Screen category.